Diamond Holiday Travel – An Honest Review

Diamond Holiday Travel is a similar network marketing opportunity to that of other MLM travel companies that you gain admittance to a cycling board and matrix compensation plan through your entry fee. So what is the product and how can you find yourself working from home with this company?

Diamond Holiday Travel has been a test to track down unlike the marketers that have been touting the revolving matrix plan that is the key to joining. There are many companies in the travel industry of late turning to the multi level marketing segment to help boost the lagging travel industry. Through cycle boards and matrices of every kind, many individuals are actually taking advantage of not only the business, but the cheap travel that is offered as well. But is this travel all that cheap? After the taxes that were involved and the accommodations offered (after calling), I found that it seemed rather average for the most part.

Looking further into Diamond Holiday Travel I found that it was created and owned by a company from Hong Kong and the management team is headed up by Roger Friedan holder of a business degree from Crummer School of Business. Roger Friedan is a name that many in the MLM industry have come across and have their own opinions of. The matrix and cycle board mix in the compensation plan can create what is called a spillover which is by far the most effective compensation plan of the matrices. However, you will still need to market your business and effectively to contend with large travel companies online like Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz just to name a few. Network marketing can be complicated without the right tools to compete in the industry.

I did not join Diamond Holiday Travel due to the lack of information about them other than marketers online. The matrix plan seems to be solid, but again, due to the lack of actual information online this was hard to confirm other than by word of mouth. Previous marketing knowledge would be a must due to the lack of any true training program involved and the saturation of this industry.

Finding Cheap Flights To Melbourne

Finding cheap flights to Melbourne has become easier than ever before. Low cost airlines have made travel easier than ever before- now even the most budget- conscious individual can think of sparing some money for a vacation. Why pay for expensive flights when cheap flights are within reach of everyone, you just need to search the internet for low cost fares.

If you want to go on a holiday that’s fun filled and exciting, grab a cheap flight to Melbourne. The city offers all that you could ever think of and much much more. Melbourne is a very popular Australian holiday destination with something for everyone. Characterized by the typical Australian ambiance, Melbourne lets you take a peek into its colorful world of theaters, museums and galleries. A unique city with so much to offer, you’ll be amazed at the abundance of culture in Melbourne. Melbourne’s buzzing nightlife is a must see, with plenty of restaurants and bars for you to visit. And all those who want to have some serious outdoorsy fun can also have their fill thanks to all the sporting events that take place here throughout the year. Be it the Australian Grand Prix or the Melbourne Cup Horse Race, you’ll be left wanting more from Australia’s sporting capital. There is so much to see in Melbourne, you’ll never want to leave.

Book cheap flights to Melbourne and save a fortune. To buy your tickets you need not scour the websites of low cost airlines individually. Instead, go through all the cheap travel websites that allow you to clinch some of the best deals. Additionally, find out which airlines operate most in the region and which offer you package deals. If you really want to cut costs you can take a look at package deals through which you can not only book cheap flights to Melbourne but also hotel rooms as per your budget. Have the entire trip planned out for you without having to worry about finding the best accommodation options. Often tours are also included in these packages so you will have everything taken care of. Also, try settling for stop- over flights if time is not an issue. Non-stop flights can be quite expensive and can drain you of all your resources. Another way to cut down costs is to book off-peak flights leaving early morning or late at night. You can usually save a significant amount be selecting flights departing at these times.

You can catch cheap flights to Melbourne no matter what the purpose of your visit is- business, weekend trip or a long vacation. You just need to do bit of research to find the cheapest airfares, there are plenty out there. But before you do anything else, get on searching the Internet. See through as many deals as possible and pounce on the one that suits your schedule and budget. Don’t settle for expensive air fares, there are plenty of low cost options out there for you to take advantage of.

Top Ten World Travel Destinations For Vagabonds

Top ten world travel destinations lists are pretty easy to find on the internet. There are lots of them too. Top ten world travel destinations for families, top ten travel destinations for adventure, top ten world travel destinations for business, etc. I figured it was time to throw out the ultimate top ten world travel destinations list. Without any further ado, I introduce the Top Ten World Travel Destinations for Vagabonds. These are the top ten places where you can live cheap, travel easily, and move along whenever the mood strikes you.

1. Bohol, Philippines
2. Atlantic Coast of Morocco
3. Baja, Mexico
4. Sumatra, Indonesia
5. Southern France
6. U.S Pacific Northwest
7. Argentina
8. Eastern Turkey
9. Grenada, Spain
10. Laos

You’ll notice that there are regions, cities, and even countries listed. That’s because some places offer more than others and some places are just too fantastic to miss in your vagabond travels. For example, Bohol in the Philippines is just one of 7000+ islands, but it is filled with so many waterfalls, the chocolate hills, historic buildings, and gorgeous beaches that it stands out. Not to mention most of Bohol is still cheaper than neighboring Boracay or Cebu. There were also many places that didn’t make the list because they were close to those that did. For example, I didn’t add British Columbia because it adjoins the U.S. Pacific Northwest. The Atlantic Coast of Morocco is huge and offers surfing, kite boarding, exotic Moroccan flavors, and plenty of room to roam. Grenada on the other hand is a historic Spanish city filled with amazing monuments and cool laid back people. Baja, Mexico brings you great Pacific surf and plenty of Mexican culture without being as high pressure as other parts of Mexico. Sumatra, Indonesia is huge and has a much lower population density plus volcanoes, orangutans, and jungle. Argentina is simply wonderful, cheap and beautiful. Modern and traditional. Eastern Turkey offers you a look at historical ruins, Islamic culture, and all for a very moderate price. Laos is one of those places that you just have to visit. The people of Laos might be the kindest in the world.

Enjoy these destinations and submit your own to be included in the next list.